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Eatable Films
The Canadian Landscape in 5 Courses

When Hot Docs Festival Executive Director Brett Hendrie mentioned that they were looking for an event to complement the film Ants on a Shrimp, a film about renowned Chef Rene Redzepi transporting his entire team from his world-renowned Copenhagen restaurant Noma to Tokyo for a five-week pop up, Eatable had the answer. A dinner that celebrated the Noma philosophy that “food should be based on the geography it is being sourced from”. We partnered with local Chef Justin Cournoyer of Actinolite to present The Canadian Landscape in 5 Courses, served to 150 guests in Burwash Hall, University of Toronto, next door to the screening at Isabel Bader Theatre.


Director Maurice Dekkers and Daniel Giusti, the former Head Chef at Noma featured in the film introduced the dinner. Chef Justin Cournoyer presented the courses and introduced purveyors.


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With food and drink by
Justin Cournoyer / Actinolite

SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2016