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Eatable Films
Eatable Film Festival 2016

Events at the Eatable Film Festival 2015 were well attended and one sold out, thanks to mentions on social media from influencers such as Matty Matheson, and media attention from CBC Metro Morning’s Matt Galloway, NOW Magazine and the National Post. After year one, Eatable had the momentum for audience sales and increases in food and drink partners to allow for a Festival in 2016.

Eatable’s second festival featured a mix of first-run international food films and classics paired with tasty snacks and drinks, including a matinee screening of Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes with Sam James serving coffee from Sam James Coffee Bar, Simon Blackwell of Blackbird Baking Co. serving sandwiches and Sarah Keenleyside serving CXBO chocolates. For Dutch filmmaker Rosie Stapel’s Portrait of a Garden, Chef John Horne of Canoe created a sweet “edible compost” and pear cocktail. Beast Chef Scott Vivian made an irresistable meatball for Marjn Frank’s provocative Need for Meat. For classic favourite Big Night, Chefs Rocco Agostino/Pizzeria Libretto and James Santon/Enoteca Sociale served Italian style hot dogs and negronis for the screening and followed up with dinner for 100 at Pizzeria Libretto King Street.